I've worked with Drupal commerce with almost 3 major project till now, and I'm seriously loving it the way it is flexible and configurable using Website UI and even with code. In current project which I'm working on was having some problem with the way formatted price was displayed. The site currency was Australian Dollar and the default formatted price was shown something like this "$ 100.00 AUD". Where "$" is currency Symbol, "100.00" is product price, and "AUD" is currency code. We're only wanted to show Currency Symbol and not currency code. After some research, I found that how easy it is to change the currency format in Drupal Commerce:
   * Implements hook_commerce_currency_info_alter().
  function MODULE_NAME_commerce_currency_info_alter(&$currencies) {
    $currencies['AUD']['code_placement'] = ''; // Setting this to empty will hide the currency code from price
The hook_commerce_currency_info_alter allows modules to alter Commerce currency definitions.


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